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Course Correction Consulting

When setting long term goals you may have a very good idea of where you want to end up but many of the steps on the way to that goal may not be known until you move forward and respond to the challenges that arise in the course of progress. In the process of moving towards your goals it is neccessary to reevaluate theh specific steps required to get their, what worked yesturday may not work today or tomorrow. All plans require course correction, understanding the difference between where are planned actions will take us and the adjustments required to reach the end goal. When you have team members performing work on your behalf the end goal and your vision, as the business owner, may not be apparent to them so the need for course correction is more important if you the organizaiton is to be successful.

As a business owner you may have spent years building a complex organiztion to support your specialty services. You May rely on other people in your organization to perform daily supportive functions that are essential for the administration of the company, but that you do not have time or expertise to perform personally. In the course of relying on other people without knowing the extent of their work you may at times experience the feeling that you do not KNOW what is going on in your organization.

The goal of this Course Correction Consulting (CCC)service is to help business owners organize their employees work in such a way that they are providing enough reporting in the right way that allows the owner to know exactly what their employees are doing, who they are talking to, when they make mistakes, and the status of all important tasks in the organization.

The goal of Course Correction Consulting (CCC)is to help business owners assess their business model, the functions of each employee and the exact ways they support the business initiatives, create an extensive plan for reporting up the chain, taking control of any gaps in communication to the business can own itself, and teaching the business owner how to use custom reporting procedures to have a better idea of what their staff is doing.

The intiial service begins with a sit down assessment and mapping of the organization, model, reporting and power structure. This data is used to make recommendations regarding speicific structure and procedures changes. After the recommendation process CCC is happy to help you implement the changes in your organzation to help you, as the business owner, feel confident that the organization is operating according to your design.